Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

March 15, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, as a shareholder with a long-term relationship with the company, I would like to ask you a question and, at the same time,have a proposal. Are you considering transferring the company from the NewConnect market to a regulated market? The company has a high (as for the realities of the NewConnect market) capitalization, one of the best on the NewConnect market communication with the market. The transfer of quotations to the regulated market will open the company to new investors, which should positively affect the exchange rate and liquidity of the shares as well as the company’s credibility. It is also possible to obtain financing for the transfer procedure to the regulated market, which will significantly reduce the costs of such a process borne by the company.

The issue of transition to the regulated market is considered by us. This is a strategic decision, which is why we are planning to know the opinion of our Shareholders. We intend to raise this issue during the next General Meeting of the Company as part of free requests. We will also consult the Supervisory Board on this matter.

April 18, 2013

In recent weeks, the press has often written about the quality of New Connect companies. Allegations are made, among others in terms of communication with investors, especially in the area of financial results and the financial standing of companies. The market is risky and KNF is trying to limit the risk. It just so happens that I am your shareholder. I would like to know if you are planning to change something in the approach to investors in the near future? The company belongs to the NCIndex index, that is, it stands out on the NC. However, financial results are not reported as they are on the WSE. Is a change planned with respect to that? Are there possibly plans to move to the WSE market?
Have you ever wondered about organizing an open meeting with investors?

Prymus SA operates within the NewConnect market and we are trying to fulfil all legal requirements set by the market. We provide information for investors via current and periodic reports. We make every effort to provide full information on the functioning of the Company within the reports. We also run the “Investor relations” tab on our website, where we provide information related to the Company’s operations, shareholding structure, etc. Regarding the plans for transferring the Company to the WSE, we can guarantee that we are doing everything to develop Prymus SA. The transition to the primary market is associated with the development of the company. We hope that we will be able to inform investors about the intention. For now it is too early. The company is not currently planning an open meeting with investors. You’re invited to come to the forthcoming General Meeting of Prymus SA, which, according to the Board’s plans, will be held in June. Detailed information on this subject will be announced in the current report.

November 27, 2012

What was the purpose of introducing changes to the statute … from the production of cakes, furniture to … etc. As a company dealing in chemical products, I am a bit surprised by the scope of the proposed activities.

During the Extraordinary General Meeting, shareholders adopted a resolution to expand the business, which we reported, among others in EIB reports: No. 15 dated November 19, 2012 and No. 16 dated November 20, 2012. Prymus operates in the chemical industry and we are striving to develop the activities. However, it’s other leg is financial activity – including leasing and factoring. In order to be able to fully implement the business profile, it was necessary to extend the statute for renting individual product groups, e.g. computers, furniture, etc. (including extending activities on PKD 77.33.Z Renting and leasing office machines and devices). This will allow us to increase financial revenues in the future. When it comes to expanding the business to the food industry – this is due to the need to adapt the business to cooperation with the company “Leśne Runo” SA that Prymus SA is a shareholder of. We would like to take advantage of the opportunities that cooperation can offer to both companies
in the field of food products. Therefore, we are taking into account the possibility of starting production of e.g. flour products. Having an expanded subject of activity, we will be able to implement projects faster.

Do not you worry about such a large drop in the price of shares until the debut today?

Prymus SA is a stable company. We are mainly interested in increasing the value of the company and we are working on it every day increasing revenues and earning profit. Considering our results, we have no reason to worry about the decrease in the share price of Prymus SA. We are convinced that the value of the company will be appreciated by investors – it is only a matter of time.

The results show that the company is growing. I would like to ask if you are planning to pay out dividends in 2013 or 2014. I would like to be convinced that it is worth increasing the shares in your company.

The payment of the dividend depends on the will of the shareholders, so we will have to wait until the Ordinary Meeting next year to answer this question. The Management Board will recommend paying dividend for 2012 in the amount of part of the profit generated. The Management Board will want to allocate the second part of the profit to the further development of the company. We are planning to recommend dividend payments for the following years – 2013 and 2014.

August 28, 2012

Why does the Company, as a distributor of chemical raw materials, additionally carry out financial activities?

Financial activities provide us with the possibility to compensate for large fluctuations in sales revenues that occur in the construction industry (the company sells raw materials dedicated to producers of construction chemicals). Leasing gives the Company stable, every monthly income. This is very important for companies addicted to the seasonality of sales. Financial activities also allow us to invest surplus funds that the Company has. This has a positive impact on the Company’s result and allows its development.

Is the company planning to enter the WSE?

It is not excluded that Prymus SA it will be listed on the WSE once. We are at the beginning of the road – we are just about to debut on the New Connect market.
In the case of dynamic development of the Company, such a scenario is possible.

Does the company intend to create its distribution centres in Poland?

Currently, the company’s headquarters is the city of Tychy. We also have a warehouse in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Our distribution centre is located in the south of Poland. Given our experience, the current location is sufficient. For contractors who do not want to collect our goods themselves, the Company provides transport to the site indicated.

What benefits does the Company have when entering the New Connect market without issuing shares?

Entrance Prymus SA on New Connect, above all, greater transparency. This is another step in gaining the trust of our customers, banks and potential investors. Transformation into a public company is also another stage of the Company’s development. It is also worth remembering that functioning on the public market is also a greater opportunity to raise capital in the future. We have several projects that – if a decision is made to implement them – will require investment.

Is the company planning to issue series B shares?

The company is working on several projects, the implementation of which will require investment outlays in the future. In this context, you can talk about carrying out the issue. It is too early here, however, to disclose details. We are having a debut on New Connect and we are concentrating on it.

Is any extension of the Company’s offer planned?

We are planning to expand the raw material offer – start trading in hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. We hope that we will be able to do it this year.