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12.02 2020
Prestige Aparts Sp. z o.o.

Capital increase in the special purpose vehicle Prestige Aparts sp. z o.o. from PLN 1.000.000 to PLN 5.000.000.

29.08 2019
Prestige Aparts Sp. z o.o.

Registration in the National Court Register of the special purpose company Prestige Aparts sp. z o.o., the purpose of which is to conduct development activities.

20.01 2015
Establishment of a special purpose entity

In January, after many months of work, a special purpose company, MP Project Invest Sp. z o. o., was established
This is a real estate development company whose first project is the construction of the "Miłe Zacisze II" housing estate in Katowice.

26.08 2014
Change in the share capital of the Company

Reduction of the Company's share capital by PLN 99,995.80, due to the redemption of shares. Currently, the Issuer's share capital amounts to PLN 1,900,004.20 and is divided into 9,500,021 shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.20 each.

31.08 2012

This was a breakthrough step in the history of our company - we introduced the Company's shares to the NewConnect market, being an alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA.

07.09 2011
Registration of the transformation of the Company

The court registered the transformation of
Prymus Sp. z o. o. into Prymus SA The number of shares was determined to be 10,000,000 shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.20 each.

31.05 2011
Joint-stock company

The General Shareholders Meeting of Prymus Sp. z o. o. has passed an official resolution managing the transformation of a limited liability company into a joint-stock company.

17.08 2010
Share capital increase

The share capital increase up to the amount of PLN 2,000,000 was registered at the Court. It was possible thanks to the resources of the supplementary capital created from the Company's profit.

06.11 2008
Reduction of capital

Shares of one of the partners of Prymus Sp. z o. o. were redeemed, therefore the share capital of the Company decreased to PLN 100,000.

03.04 2006
Registration of the capital increase

The court registered the increase of the share capital of Prymus Sp. z o .o. up to PLN 200,000.

28.04 2004
Registration of capital

An increase in the Company's share capital up to PLN 150,000 was registered at the Court.

18.07 2003
Change of the Company's name

From this moment, a new chapter in the history of the Company began. It will operate using the name Prymus Sp. z o. o., with a new business profile and a higher share capital in the amount of PLN 50,000.

15.09 1994
Establishment of the Company

Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe ZEW-ABAT Sp. z o. o. entered the market! The main profile of the Company's operations is trade in industrial and food products as well as liquid and solid fuels. It also manufactures building materials, construction joinery and provides services in the field of renovation and construction. The share capital is set at PLN 5,000.