Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Public Register of Personal Data Collections
Data administrator: Prymus SA
Registered office address: Turyńska 101, 43-100 Tychy
REGON number: 272285799

The Public Register of Personal Data Collections has been prepared in paper form and is available for inspection at the registered office of the Company.

Environmental policy of Prymus SA

Care for the environment is an extremely important feature of Prymus SA. As a distributor of chemical raw materials and a manufacturer of construction chemicals, we care about not only not contributing to the increase of environmental pollution, but also about improving its quality. We put this goal on par with the high-class of our products.


What is the pro-environmental activity of Prymus SA in details? Let’s move on to the facts – the company helps protect natural resources, strictly and without exception complies with the regulations on environmental protection, reduces the amount of waste and uses resources effectively. What is more, each time before implementing a new investment or before making other strategic decisions, we assess their impact on the environment and do not initiate any activities until we have obtained all permits.

We also care for the environment among employees of Prymus SA, they are regularly trained in issues related to the environmental protection. Each of them is obliged to comply with the internal hygiene requirements. In this regard We also want that any failure to be quickly noticed and reported – not for stigmatize, but to improve the situation.

Health and safety policy

Speaking of employees, it should be added that the primary goal of Prymus SA is to ensure their safety and the most comfortable working conditions. The company does not stop at announcing requirements to the people employed – in the first place we are trying to create the right conditions for the work to be possible at the highest possible level.
Prymus SA commits its employees to:
• compliance with legal regulations and health and safety rules,
• ensuring conditions to minimize the possibility of occupational diseases or accidents at work,
• eliminating harmful and onerous conditions on workplaces,
• improving working conditions and organization,
• improving the health and safety system by implementing safe technologies.

Business code of Prymus SA

The Code of Business Ethics of Prymus SA is a liability not only for people managing the company, but also for employees. We are striving to ensure that each member of our team accepts the rules of ethical conduct related to official duties. We do not tolerate breaking the law, dishonesty and discrimination. We base our activities on trust, respect – and we expect following the rules at any level in the Company’s structure.

All three pillars that make up the social responsibility of the company – that is environmental policy, OHS policy and business ethics – are presented to employees and made publicly available to all stakeholders. Transparency and honesty are categories that guide our work every day. We believe that they have contributed to the development of the position that Prymus SA holds in its industry.