Prymus Finances


Since 2011 you can take advantage of the new Prymus SA offer the leasing offer. We decided on such a way of service because in our opinion it offers numerous benefits for customers. Here is what you can gain from this:
• a greater availability of funds
• leasing not imposing any additional burden on financial statement and not decreasing lending capacity, improving future development and investments,
• stable budget – rented car generates recurrent expenditures, what can be easily included in the budget plan, which is not possible in the case of purchased vehicle generating high and uneven operating costs ( service, failures, collisions),
• saving for businesses – the fee for renting a car can be included in the tax-deductible expenses,
• safety – a leasing contract also includes a full car insurance
• savings in time – less accounting documents, fewer invoices and less paperwork than in the case of purchasing a car;
• Prymus SA accept any responsibility of insurance as well as loss adjustment.


Prymus SA does not stop at distribution and production acitivity.
In 2012 we joined the NewConnect market which finances the development of small and medium-sized companies showing above-average growth potential. Therefore, we plan to continuous offer extension, and we hope that owing to transparency policy and greater recognisability of the Company shall be appreciated not only by
a potential investors but also companies wishing to benefit from Prymus SA’ services.