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Prymus SA has been a distributor of dispersions produced by the Slovak company Duslo a.s. from the city of Šal since 2004. We offer dispersions based on polyvinyl acetate (Duvilax® brand), perfect for the production of paints, plasters, adhesives, varnishes as well as in the textile, fiberglass, paper and other industries.

We also offer acrylic and styrene-acrylic dispersions.




Quality of Duvilax® products

The history of dispersion and glue production in Duslo dates back to 1968, when the first Duvilax dispersion tones were produced. The basic dispersions of the polyvinyl acetate homopolymer were gradually supplemented with the new types in accordance with the market requirements for copolymers (acrylates, sesatic acid, etc.).

Currently Duslo a.s. produces dozens of basic types of adhesives and dispersions. Modified products are also often created in accordance with individual customer requirements.
The production focuses on ecology, quality, individual approach to customer requirements and flexibility of supply.

Duvilax dispersions are used in the following areas:

– paper and printing industry,
– glass fibre industry,
– textile and carpet production,
– chemical industry,
– production of paints, plasters and adhesives,
– construction,
– wood and furniture industry,
– hobby segment,
– other, dedicated applications.

The quality of the products is ensured and confirmed by certification in accordance with ISO 9001, product certificates and protocols of accredited laboratories for specific types of dispersions and adhesives. Our responsible approach to the environment and work safety are repeatedly verified by the ISO 14001 and 18001 certification.

Acrylic and styrene-acrylic dispersions

Acrylic and styrene-acrylic dispersions
The acrylic dispersions that are in our portfolio are mainly used as ingredients for paints, varnishes, primers, such as: small molecule ones. Thanks to the characteristics they have, they act as a binder and penetrate mineral substrates and strengthen their durability.

Styrene-acrylic dispersions are used in the production of paints and universal primers.